Reputation Marketing

If you did a Google search for your company and found this how would you feel?

How do you think a prospective customer would feel? You get the idea. Obviously this company “had” some serious problems but were they really worthy of a 1.3 star rating? I seriously doubt it. How many people had an experience that was worthy of 3 stars but after reading other horrific reviews decided that the company only deserved 1 star? Fact: Humans tend to follow the herd. 

So you have a 4 star rating? Even so, if you don’t have lots of reviews, a few 1 star reviews can plummet your rating. Also, the more reviews you have, the more trustworthy you are in the prospect’s mind.

There are many other reasons you need to actively monitor and maintain your reputation online. 


Why You Need to Invest in a “5 Star Online Reputation”

  • Companies with a good reputation don’t have to advertise as much; Their reputation does it for them.
  • Search engines make your reputation accessible to almost anyone at any time in about 10 seconds.
  • Advertising is only really effective when you have a good reputation. What good does it do to advertise only to have your prospective customer see your bad reputation online?
  • 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.
  • On average, consumers look at 10 reviews before making a purchase.
  • A company needs 6-10 positive reviews to be considered “trustworthy”; more if they have negative reviews.
  • On average, someone who has a good experience will tell 3 people; bad experience: 10 people
  • More reviews make you look bigger.
  • You are only one bad review away from a bad reputation because 1st impressions are everything. So if the most recent review is bad, that might scare away a prospective customer.
  • In general, bad reviews are much longer and more detailed.
  • Your reputation is more important than search optimization; if you’re at the top of Google and have 3 stars and your competitor is at the bottom but has 5 stars, who’s going to get the business?
  • 94% of buyers research companies online before making a purchase.
  • You can charge higher prices because most people would rather pay more than take a risk with a company with a bad reputation.
  • Having lots of reviews and a 5 star reputation will position you as the trusted leader in your market.

One thing that hasn’t changed in our fast changing world is the value of a good reputation. Its, no doubt, one of your most valuable business assets and should be a top priority in your long term business strategy.



no time to build a “5 Star Online reputation”?

We’ve Got You Covered!



here’s what you get with our reputation marketing service


    • Instant Alerts
      We let you know right away when a review is posted about your company any where online so you can respond to all reviews in a timely manner. Alternatively, we can post a generic response to negative reviews asking the reviewer to contact your company to resolve the issue.
    • Monthly Reporting
      So you can keep a pulse on your reputation.

    • Private Review Page
      Customers are encouraged to leave their reviews on your private review web page giving you the ability to respond before they post reviews publicly.

    • Broadcast Screened Reviews
      Only positive reviews are posted to your website and all social media pages.

    • Email Follow Up
      Anyone who leaves a review is immediately presented with the opportunity to explain the specifics of the issue if its a bad review or  leave a review on third party review websites such as Google and Yelp if its a good review.
    • Review Solicitation
      Getting your satisfied customers to leave a review can be a challenge so we will consistently follow up with them via email, dramatically increasing your number of reviews.


take action today!

Don’t leave your company’s reputation in the hands of a disgruntled customer, vendor, ex-employee or even your competition.

As has been said, “in business, timing is everything!” Well now is the time..before your competitors figure this out. Shrewd business people see opportunities for competitive advantage and capitalize. Is that you?

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