Hyper Targeted Online Display Ads

See how this new technology works


Show Your Ad only to Ideal Prospects on Top National and Local Sites

Minimize the Waste of Traditional Advertising

Performance Marketing is now a member of the Lift Local Display Network and can offer you hyper-targeted display ads on the largest ad networks (and trusted sites) such as Google Ad Exchange, Microsoft Ad Exchange, Facebook, Cox Media, etc. for under $10/cpm. That’s less than a penny per impression! This means your ad will show up on some of the most trusted sites on the internet. Sites like espn.com, weather.com, msnbc.com just to name a few…giving your brand more credibility than you normally can get on a local level.

Hyper Targeted Display Ads Mean A Better Return on Investment!

This new technology allows us to get your ad in front of the people you want seeing it…your best prospects.  This way you minimize the waste of traditional advertising and maximize your return on investment. Location target down to zip code level, and choose other criteria based on demographics, interest and/or intent.






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