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Its easy to waste thousands of dollars on advertising every year (and many businesses do) because creating and running ads that generate leads and new customers is an art and science and most business owners are just to busy to stay on top of it.

No Risk Advertising

If what you need is sales leads and new customers, we can help. We’ll run ads for your business/product/service on up to thousands of websites to generate qualified prospects looking to do business with you. But the best part is there’s absolutely no risk to you. Why? Because instead of paying for an ad, you only pay per qualified lead or customer. Not only is there no risk but there is no contract or setup fees. You really can’t go wrong.


Why you should consider our Lead Generation Service:

  • Every business is different so we can customize a package that makes sense for you.
  • Many lead generation companies charge monthly or per phone call leaving the business owner at risk. With our service, you only pay for quality leads so there is no risk. You know what you’re getting and how much you’re going to pay.
  • Unlike coupon companies that will run your offers, our leads have a higher lifetime value because they aren’t just deal seekers and are much more likely to buy again and again. 
  • You get exclusive leads that only go to your company at prices other companies charge for leads that go to up to 5 of your competitors as well.
  • We’ll start by sending you 2 sample leads, if you are not happy with them, we can end the relationship and you owe nothing.
  • If, at any time, you want more leads, let us know and most likely we can scale your campaigns.
  • There are no setup fees, no monthly fees and no long term contracts.
  • For an even better ROI, we offer monthly packages for higher volume lead generation.

To get started or for pricing and more information, click here or call us @ 219-670-6706.


“After a month, our used car sales are up significantly. Needless to say we are continuing the campaigns.”

Dean Christenson, Owner
Christenson Chevrolet, Highland, Indiana

Terms & Conditions

  • With our standard “pay as you go” plan, you may cancel the service at any time. If you do cancel, you will only be responsible for leads received through the 1st working day after cancellation is received.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your service at our discretion if we feel the leads are not being handled properly.
  • Only after you are satisfied with the initial leads, we require a retainer for an estimated 2 weeks of leads. Upon cancellation of service, any unused portion of the retainer will be refunded.




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