Email Marketing

The Biggest Mistake Most Small Business Owners Make

If you’re not regularly marketing to your customer base and prospect list, you are missing out on the biggest opportunity to grow your business.

And the the most cost effective way to do that is via email. You could do it via snail mail but you can email for a small fraction of the cost!

The 5 steps of email marketing are:

  1. Set up an email “autoresponder” account
  2. Load in your customer and prospect email lists
  3. Write your emails
  4. Program the autoresponder to send your messages
  5. Monitor the effectiveness and make changes

Don’t have the time or knowledge to do it yourself? Let us handle your email marketing.

We understand the in’s and out’s such as:

  • The best times/days to send your emails to improve open rate
  • How to write effective “subject” lines that get your emails opened
  • How to avoid having your emails end up in a spam folder
  • How to write copy that gets read
  • The email marketing formula that will build relationships with your customers
  • How to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns and make the necessary changes to improve them.

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