9 Components of Ads That Make Money

If you’re frustrated and wondering why you spend thousands on ads that you’re not sure even pay for flickrcomPhotosZachkleinthemselves or get sick to your stomach every time you write a big fat check to the yellow pages but aren’t seeing the results you expected, keep reading.

The effectiveness of an ad or sales letter is dependent on many things, but one of the most important is the copy. A well written ad or sales letter can easily get double the response of a poorly written one. And since, as you are well aware, advertising isn’t cheap, you can’t afford to slap together an ad and hope for the best. Well written ads and sales letter follow these rules (roughly in order of importance):

  • Compelling offer¬† (eg “Save $100”)
  • Attention getting headline (eg “10 Steps to Feeling and Looking Your Best”)
  • Guarantee or risk reversal (eg “Results guaranteed or your money back)
  • Credible (Use testimonials or other proof)
  • Call to action (eg “Call us today or visit our site)
  • Urgent (eg “This offer ends tonight”)
  • Appeal to the reader’s emotions
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Exciting

Of course you won’t be able to incorporate all of these into every ad but you should strive to use as many as possible.

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