How to Easily Waste Thousands on Advertising

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I’ve heard countless stories of small business owners who have wasted thousands of dollars on ad campaigns that didn’t work. It usually goes something like this: “We sent out 10,000 postcards and got 2 leads”. OUCH! Their conclusion: Marketing doesn’t work. No! Their marketing campaign didn’t work!

What could they have done differently to save thousands of dollars? Simple. Send out 1000 first to test the campaign. Then make changes and send out another thousand until they got it right or decide to scrap the campaign before they waste all their money.

It really isn’t rocket science but most small business owners don’t test their marketing campaigns and end up wasting thousands every year!

With internet marketing, testing your campaigns is about as easy as it gets. There are lots of options including:

  • Google Analytics to find out where the traffic is coming from and to monitor user activity on your website.
  • Conversion tracking code on your site to find out how much of your traffic converts into leads or customers.
  • Call tracking numbers to find out which calls come from your site or other online (or offline) marketing.
  • Email autoresponders to show you how many of your emails were opened.
  • Web pages (aka landing pages) specifically designed for ad campaigns.

When a campaign is tested and shown to be ineffective, changes can be made to improve performance.  This is effective marketing and is the only sane approach.

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