How to Combine Word-of-Mouth and Business Networking for Easy Growth

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Facebook and other social networks have made it possible for your ads/offers/company to be seen by a massive number of people in a very short time. This is what is meant when something “goes viral” and how some Youtube videos get millions of views in days. The way it works is someone sees something they like on Facebook, then they “share” it with all of their Facebook friends (aka connections) and then their friends share it and so on.  Using this viral sharing is a simple way to have a significant positive impact on your business.

Another golden opportunity is business networking. Some businesses do it in small ways (think business card bulletin boards) but not systematically. So they leave a lot of money on the table.

Every business should and can easily take advantage of these opportunities and if they do so it will surely have a big impact on sales and profits.

Here are some simple steps and strategies

  1. Find complementary businesses in close proximity to yours or even just businesses whose customers share the same demographics.
  2. For example, if you are a fitness club or gym, a sports apparel store would be a great complementary business to partner with. Other examples might be an oil change business and a tire store. And don’t limit yourself to one partner business. The more the merrier as long as they’re not competitive.
  3. If your market is very broad then just partnering with other “broad market” businesses is fine. For example, if you have a gas station, you might want to partner with the nearby grocery store.
  4. Contact these businesses and ask them if they are interested in joint marketing ventures.
  5. You can share marketing costs and do joint mailings, etc. For example, you could do a direct mail postcard with multiple businesses advertising on the postcard. You can also promote each other’s business to your customers in many ways. The simplest is just to put their business cards on your counter. But one of the best ways to do this is with Facebook offers. You promote their offer to your Facebook fans and they promote yours. There are lots of possibilities.
  6. Keep in mind, if you’re a relatively new or very small business, a larger, more successful business might not be willing to promote you to their customers without some other consideration since they will be providing much more value in that scenario.
  7. Another “no-brainer” is sharing your own offers on Facebook and asking your “fans” to share them. Its a great way to get more customers and lots of exposure in a very short time.
  8. And finally, probably the biggest opportunity is to make sure that as you gain these new customers from partner businesses and Facebook shares, you get those new customers into a mailing list that includes as much information about them as possible, including name, address, email, mobile phone, gender, etc. so that you can do targeted marketing in the future to improve your relationship with them and easily generate more business.

So there you have it. A couple of very simple strategies that will have a big impact on your sales and profits if you will implement them.

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