4 Simple Ways to Get Your Customers to Spend More

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There are 4 simple tactics often overlooked by sales people to increase the amount the average customer spends with their company.

Would You Like Fries With That?

Most businesses sell many products and services because they know that, for example, someone who buys a barbecue grill will most likely want to buy a propane tank. But it is all too common for sales people to forget to offer complementary products and services (aka cross-selling) to customers who have made a purchase. Make it a priority to offer every customer every possible related or accessory product or service (within reason) after they commit to a purchase.

One word of caution. If the customer has not yet paid for the initial purchase there is a risk of losing the sale if you come on too strong with your sales approach. Because of this, some sales people don’t offer the complementary products/services until after they have processed the initial transaction. On the other hand, making a customer go through the sales process twice can be off-putting as well so you may want to test this strategy depending on your business. But for most businesses, pitching the cross sell before the transaction is processed makes the most sense.

Something is Better Than Nothing

If a prospective customer decides not to buy your initial offer, all is not necessarily lost. First you need to understand the reason they didn’t buy. If the product or service is out of their budget, do you have a downgraded option that would still meet their needs? If so, make sure your sales people offer it and make down-selling a company sales policy.

The Value Meal

Packaging complementary products together and offering the package at a discount off the price if purchased separately is an extremely effective sales strategy that many businesses don’t take advantage of. And don’t forget that you can mix and match services and products as long as they are very complementary. For example, an extended warranty or service plan is a very common component of a “package deal” that is a perfect fit with many products.  As with all marketing, test to see which packages sell and which don’t before cementing them into the sales process.

Super-Size It!

Another simple tactic we can take from the fast food empires of the world is offering an upgraded version of the product the customer plans to purchase. Whether its a larger engine in a new car or a website with 9 pages instead of 5, if you can show your customers the benefit of buying “bigger”, you’ll be amazed at how big an impact it will have on your gross revenue.


Most companies are leaving a lot of easy money on the table in their sales process. If you’re looking to improve sales, this is the place to start. None of these simple sales tactics take a lot of time, effort or expense but put them to work in your company and I can almost guarantee you will see a significant boost in sales in short order.  If you currently do all of them, my question to you is how effectively? Is there room for improvement?

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